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Maxxun Engineering Sdn Bhd offers cutting edge expertise and specializes in engineered Online Leak Sealing, online Engineered Composite Repair (ECR) for pipe strengthening and corrosion protection in asset sustainability without costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime, especially on ageing oil & gas pipelines. Dedicated to the protection and life extension of clients' assets, the environment and the integrity of the world's infrastructure, Maxxun offers innovative solutions to protect and restore pipe integrity to its original design.

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Corrosion Protection And Control

Strengthen Your First Line of Defence Unprotected pipelines corrode, whether buried, aboveground or subsea. Weakened pipes due to corrosion result in economic and environmental losses. Without the right corrosion management programs from the onset to mitigate the effects of corrosion, pipelines will reach the limit of their service usability sooner than expected.

From the sacrificial or a direct electrical, pipeline coating is the 1st - line of defence against corrosion.

Cathodic Protection (CP) controls corrosion by using a direct electrical current which medicate external corrosion. Coatings and linings applied to pipelines, above or below ground are often used with CP. Corrosion inhibitors are compounds inhibiting corrosion of carbon and low-alloy steel pipe.

With precisely engineered products from Deepwater, UCC, Shaic and Viscotaq we offer you the 1st line of defence from corrosion threat.

Corrosion Protection and Pipe Strengthening

Long Life Protection for New and Existing Pipes Corrosion poses a major threat to pipelines and process piping, predominantly affecting pipes made of metals, the likes of copper, aluminium, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel pipes that are more often used in buried above or submerged in the sea water. Unprotected pipelines, whether buried underground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged in water, are susceptible to corrosion.

No one factor influences the long-term protection of a pipeline more than the effectiveness of its coating system.

Our many years of experience combining coating, wrapping or bonded linings technology to metal structures results in longer service life has led us to extensive knowledge of globally trusted applications and materials - the most innovative and cutting-edge product range from our reliable partners Deepwater, UCC, ClockSpring|NRI, Shaic and Viscotaq, etc.

Online Leak Sealing

Repairing Industrial Leaks Without Shutdown

Environmental disasters lurk in energy plants and pipelines due to leakages, this is especially truer in aging assets. Pipeline and asset integrity is not just about preventing incidents but is a holistic approach to leak prevention, leak detection, and leak mitigation.

Leaks that develop in your pipelines and asset can be detrimental to efficiency and productivity.

We are leaders in Online Leak Sealing using our range of composite repair products representing renowned and reputable international brands, where our team of highly-trained technicians ensure that your business stays online and productive regardless of challenging conditions.

Online Leak Sealing is the process of sealing pressurized leaks while under continuous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime, increasing plant efficiency, and eliminating workplace hazards.

Pipeline Integrity & Strengthening

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

Industries of oil and gas, refineries and industrial plants face growing challenges in mitigating pipeline and equipment corrosion in an attempt of running their assets at the highest levels of functionality. Along this ageing pipeline infrastructure, and extremely strict regulations come into play, demanding for a rigorous Integrity management process.

To combat corrosion and strengthen the integrity of your assets, the use of corrosion inhibitors is one of the best and economical methods.

We can help you prioritize repairs, mitigate risk and maintain productivity with our range of state-of-art solutions engineered by ClockSpring|NRI  innovator of advanced composite reinforced solutions for the restoration, protection and reinforcement of pipe, pipelines and civil structures, from carbon fibre to fiberglass to a variety of hybrid combinations.

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Formidable players in Corrosion Control, Leak Solutions and Pipeline Integrity concerns against corrosion threats.

Our Services

Reliable, Cutting Edge, Cost Effective, Long Term Corrosion Prevention Solutions.
Online Leak Sealing
Online Leak Sealing is the process of sealing pressurized leaks while under continuous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime, increasing plant efficiency, and eliminating workplace hazards. This professional method allows our customers to avoid financial losses due to expensive shutdowns and time constraints with lengthy repairs.  More
Corrosion under Pipe Support (CUPS)
All process piping and pipelines are supported at intermediate distances by pipe supports. Crevice corrosion is more prone to occur at these support regions because pipe supports which promote crevice forming, water trapping or galvanic forming and the stress concentration in the presence of a crack can initiate the corrosion mechanism of the pipe material. Maxxun Engineering is able to mitigate corrosion under Pipe Support with our intensive expertise with Deepwater’s I-Rod pipe-support system tested to the most demanding standards is specifically designed to combat crevice corrosion.  More
Pipeline Field Joint Protection
The field joint is the area where two pipe joints meet and are welded together to extend the pipeline length. The welding joint area (cutback section) remains as bare steel and must be protected against corrosion in order to avoid creating corrosion-prone areas or cold spots in the pipeline or the complete subsea production structure.  More
Engineered Composite Repair & Strengthening
Pipes, vessels, tanks and other equipment can suffer from internal and external erosion and corrosion as well as environmental attack which can compromise their performance and integrity. This damage often leads to thin-wall or even through-wall defects. Cold-applied, composite repairs strengthen equipment and solve the problem for the long term,  which requires no hot work.  More
Cathodic Protection
Cathodic Protection (CP) is a method of corrosion control that can be applied to buried and submerged metallic structures to control corrosion by making it work as the cathode of an electrochemical cell. This is achieved by placing the metal which is to be protected in contact with another, less noble metal to act as the anode of the electrochemical cell. This less noble metal will then be sacrificed in favour of the structure being protected. CP systems are most commonly used to protect steel pipelines or fuel pipelines and storage tanks, steel jetty piles, ships, offshore oil platforms, onshore oil well casings and reinforcing steel in concrete.  More
Tank chime protection
Above ground industrial storage tanks and their contents are extremely valuable assets that need to be protected. Chime areas on storage tanks are some of the most exposed and critical areas to consider when protecting the tank bottom. This is often the area that water or vapours creep underneath the tank, thus exposing the difficult to reach annual plates to corrosion inducing vapours. Many conventional coatings and systems simply cannot penetrate into these areas so they are left unprotected.  More
Surface Protection, Adhesive & Sealant
  Chester Molecular company offers cost effective solutions to a wide range of engineering repairs related to surface protection and repair of metal components. These materials are high corrosion & chemical resistance, low erosive wear, fast cure and excellent mechanical properties that replace metal parts in many cases. In many applications, wear resistance of the composite is greater than that of steel and chemically resistant to many aggressive media.More

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Highest Quality and Service Excellence

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Integrity and Transparency

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Dedication and Punctuality

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