Engineered Composite Repair & Strengthening

Pipes, vessels, tanks and other equipment can suffer from internal and external erosion and corrosion as well as environmental attack which can compromise their performance and integrity. This damage often leads to thin-wall or even through-wall defects. Cold-applied, composite repairs strengthen equipment and solve the problem for the long term, which requires no hot work. Maxxun Engineering offers a full line of custom engineered composite repair and strengthening services designed specifically for the use of pipelines, process piping, and concrete structures. Our focus is on bringing reliability and traceability to repairs, controlling every step of the delivery process to give solutions that can be relied upon with confidence.

Common applications include

♦  External and internal corrosion on water lines, oil lines gas lines both on and offshore.
♦ Damage to complex geometries in vessels and pipe work, including bends, tees flanges including tanks.
♦ Various structural applications such as decks on ships and offshore.

When it comes to asset integrity, we have indeed got it wrapped. Pipe corrosion in particular is a big industry challenge. We stay committed to offering innovative range of technologies and solutions to ensure value is added throughout your asset lifecycle.

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