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Repairing Industrial Leaks Without Shutdown


Pipeline incidents can cost industries millions of dollars in lost energy, while increasing hazardous emissions, creating safety hazards, and lowering the reliability of operations. Valves and pipeline systems can fail in a number of ways including internal or external corrosion of the pipe wall, excavation damage, incorrect operation, material / weld /equipment failure, and natural force damage.

There are also two other significant types of treats: leaks and ruptures. Leaks that develop in your equipment can be detrimental to efficiency and productivity. In fact, this is often an issue that can lead to costly downtime. A leak is a slow release of a product whereas a rupture is a breach in the pipeline that may occur suddenly. In general, leaks are more common, but cause less damage as opposed to ruptures that are relatively rare but can have catastrophic consequences.


Online Leak Sealing is the process of sealing pressurized leaks while under continuous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime, increasing plant efficiency, and eliminating workplace hazards. This technology can repair leakages smoothly and doesn't affect the production no matter if there are leaks on pipelines, flanges, valves or elbow, etc, it prevents energy loss, saves money and the environment, and seals leaks safely, quickly and effectively.


ZILICORR  - is a subsidiary of Zili Services Co. Ltd (Shanghai, China.) provider of specialized industrial solutions with exclusive expertise in On-Line Leak Sealing. Reaching out to contain a wide range of leaks from steam, hydrocarbons or gas at temperatures ranging from sub-zero -150 0C to 608°C and at pressures up to 350 bars, Zilicorr remains a reputed and trusted brand in industries covering power plants, chemical process plants, oil and gas refineries and industrial plants in South East Asia.

Zilicorr – Onshore Projects


Service Methods

Typical Leak Repair Includes:

  • Flange and Gaskets Leak
  • Pipe and Fitting Leaks
  • Heat Exchanger Joint
  • Steam Turbines
  • Weld and Thread Leaks
  • Expansion Joint Leaks
  • Valve Leaks
  • Gland Packing Leaks
  • Pressure Vessel Leaks
  • Any virtual Leaks Problems

Compound Injection - online leak sealing from sub-zero temperature to 1000 degrees Celsius.

Direct inject of compound into the assets without mechanical clamps. The best selection of injection compound is one of the key successes in online leak sealing repair not stringent or limited to :

  • Design and operating temperature
  • Design and operating pressure
  • Service medium type
  • Asset type and shape

Metal Chaulking - utilizing mechanical tool on cracks or defects.

Cracks and pinhole defects immediately repaired especially those under high operating temperatures and pressure environments.

Copper wire coiling method - a very quick and easy method in online leak sealing.

From gaps to void mechanical clamp fabrication and heavy weight induced to the asset.

Mechanical clamping method - one of the most efficient and reliable sealing methods.

This trusted method requires accurate dimensions of asset for design and fabrication, thus a site visit is required to obtain exact on-site measurements.


Rapid Responce


Cost Efficient


Features and Benefits

  • Prompt leak response reduces risk of calamities
  • Reduces hazardous emissions
  • Prevents oil spills that damage our environment
  • Stimulates savings on material costs
  • Significant reduction of stand-by and shut-down costs
  • Reduced product loss and lower energy consumption

Situational Context

Environmental disasters lurk in energy plants and pipelines due to leakages, this is especially true in aging assets. Equipment integrity is not just about preventing incidents but is a holistic approach to leak prevention, leak detection, and leak mitigation. Surveillance, maintenance and early detection on any abnormality on the pipeline and equipment such as leakage is essential for efficient management, minimising asset down-time and effecting 'repair'

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