Corrosion under Pipe Support (CUPS)

All process piping and pipelines are supported at intermediate distances by pipe supports. Crevice corrosion is more prone to occur at these support regions because pipe supports which promote crevice forming, water trapping or galvanic forming and the stress concentration in the presence of a crack can initiate the corrosion mechanism of the pipe material.

Maxxun Engineering is able to mitigate corrosion under Pipe Support with our intensive expertise with Deepwater's I-Rod pipe-support system tested to the most demanding standards is specifically designed to combat crevice corrosion.

The half round, high strength thermo-plastic I-Rod meets all of the requirements. The half round configuration minimizes the crevice at the pipe and allows no water accumulation. The standoff provided allows easy inspection and maintenance at the support.

This is how it works

♦ Eliminates the crevice and thus the ability to prevent water in contact with the pipe
♦ It's simple to install either on new or existing piping systems which not requiring hot work
♦ It is inexpensive
♦ Maintenance free
♦ It provides inspectability and maintain-ability
♦ Eliminate metal-to-metal contact.

We pride ourselves on always being on the leading edge, it is our intention to stay abreast of industry requirements and changes in specifications and procedures as well as to support our customers in their endeavours wherever possible.

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