Pipeline Field Joint Protection

The field joint is the area where two pipe joints meet and are welded together to extend the pipeline length. The welding joint area (cutback section) remains as bare steel and must be protected against corrosion in order to avoid creating corrosion-prone areas or cold spots in the pipeline or the complete subsea production structure.

In the area of Field Joint Coating Services, Maxxun Engineering continues to provides a full range and best in class service in anti-corrosion for protecting girth welds.

Typical applications can include:

♦ Pipe fittings, wharf, etc.
♦ Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
♦ Field Applied
♦ Girth Weld
♦ Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
♦ Pipeline Coating Rehabilitation
♦ Pipeline Rehab
♦ Online Leak Sealing
♦ Pipeline Strengthening
♦ Repair Sealing
♦ Water Pipe

As a leading provider of high performanceanti-corrosion field joint coating that makes excellent protection for small and large diameter pipelines and subsea production structures, we have worked successfully on hundreds of projects and have proven our products reliable long-term technical performance.

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