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Eliminate Crevice Corrosion at Pipe Supports


We are in the industry that knows too well that rust is bad, more so on our process piping. Process piping create networks that criss-cross the process modules and piplelines are criss-cross areas as well as countries for transporting feedstock to service our most important daily needs. As a result, the transportation of vital resources like oil and natural gas to markets by pipeline is a vital component of our energy infrastructure. This is especially truer in severe onshore and offshore environments, where vulnerability risk to pipeline integrity remains a constant concern.

The integrity of the pipeline becomes questionable. One permeant concern remains is the effect of corrosion on pipeline and process piping. Corrosion refers to the deterioration of the pipes due to its interaction with the surrounding environment. One specific area of vital concern is the corrosion at pipe supports such as at beam supports, saddle supports and pipe shoes where crevices (gaps) tend to traps water which reacts with the pipes undercutting the paint coating and creating rapid wall loss. Thus, unguarded pipes become exposed to moisture accelerating oxidation - the chemical mechanism of corrosion.


The half round, high strength thermo-plastic I-Rod meets all of the requirements. The half round configuration minimizes the crevice at the pipe the crevice at the pipe and allows no water accumulation. The standoff provided allows standoff provided allows easy inspection and maintenance at the support.

The metal-to-metal contact is eliminated, and if used with an insulated bolt, the pipe can be totally isolated can be totally isolated from the support structure.

DeepWater – I-Rod® Pipe Supports



Offering DEEPWATER's, The I-Rod - I-Rod is a trade marked and durable thermoplastic, extruded and cut into a half round rod. It is the key component in all of Deepwater's I-Rod brand pipe supports.


Deepwater's I-Rod pipe-support system tested to the most demanding standards is specifically designed to combat crevice corrosion - a localized form of corrosion usually associated with a stagnant solution on the micro-environmental level on a metal surface at, or immediately adjacent to, the gap or crevice between two joining formed between two metals or a metal and non-metallic material. Localized corrosion speeds up metal penetration, and the irregular surfaces it generates can apply stress that leads to other forms of corrosion.

The I-Rod includes several varieties catergories in different temperature ranges all utilizing the genuine I-Rod thermoplastic, which has excellent compressive strength and a high melting point which makes it superior to other materials for this application.

I-rod can be secured undr pipe supports with Nu-bolt c/w fasterners, countersunk bolts, hexagon bolts or I-Rod adhesive without fasterners.

Please recognise and only purchase genuine I-rod from us.

The Nu-Bolt assembly provides corrosion protection at I-beam supports

The Nu-Bolt assembly is a modified low carbon steel or stainless-steel pipe U-bolt coated with SermaGard or optional hot-dip galvanized, each covered with a polyolefin polyshrink sleeve to protect pipe coatings during installation. It is supplied with cut-and-drilled I-Rod and 4 nuts.

The purpose of the polyshrink is to minimize damage to the pipe coating during installation.

I-Clip - clips onto new and existing saddle-clamp-style supports and Grinnell clamps.

I-Rod clips eliminate corrosion effectively using I-Rod material. No fasteners are required, although adhesive tape or I-rod adhesive can be applied to the clips for added stability.

Fits any radius and is available in sizes to fit standard Grinnell clamps and pipe cradles. It can also be custom-sized or pre-installed.

Half-round I-Rod, available in 5-foot or 10-foot lengths or pre-cut-and-drilled for any standard pipe U-bolt from 2" to 36

The I-Rod's half-round shape minimizes contact between the pipe and the support, eliminating the crevice. Keeping water out minimizes corrosion.

I-rod for stainless steel tubing

Tight crevices between tubing supports and clamps are difficult to avoid and must be managed. I-Rod material has proven to be an excellent solution for preventing pitting and crevice corrosion of offshore stainless-steel tubing.

  • It's safer and provides longer life of the pipes due to its material durability and environment friendly nature
  • The material is friendly / eliminates metal to metal contact
  • It's heat shrinkable
  • Fits on any radius
  • Keeps water out minimizing corrosion

Features and Benefits

  • Provides an electrically isolated stand-off between the pipe.
  • High compressive strength - can last up to 20 years.
  • Low friction coefficient.
  • Minimizes contact between the pipe and the support.
  • With material properties that perform in temperatures ranging from -166 degrees F to 480 degrees F.
  • Fits on any radius
  • It's safer and provides longer life of the pipes due to its material durability and environment friendly nature

Situational Context

Beam and Saddle supports

I-Rod was designed specifically to be cut and drilled to fit standard pipe U-bolts. It can be bought either cut-and-drilled, or in 10-foot, half-round lengths. This makes it ideal for standard beam support points on process piping runs. For pipe cradles and saddle-style supports, where the standard half round rod doesn't fit, we have designed the I-Clip from the same I-Rod thermoplastic material to snap directly into the cradle.

Beam dressing

An effective way to apply I-Rod is to lay the rod material in continuous lengths across the upper flange of a pipe support beam. This allows flexibility when installing pipes, for both location and size. It also provides a low friction interface for skidding pipe into position. The rod may be secured to the beam with special double-sided tape or by bolting.

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