The CompoSol® line of repair products are designed to restore operational integrity and to enhance the life and safe operation of existing offshore and onshore assets in oil and gas production, refining and distribution.CompoSol® repair systems can be applied to solve a range of asset integrity issues with relative simplicity.

Vessel repair suffering from internal or external corrosion
- CompoSol Vessel
- CompoSol GF lines
Reinforcing decks, bulkheads, storage modules and other structures
- CompoSol Flat
Leak sealing applications on a range of lines
- CompoSol Grab-Wrap
Pipes and pipelines suffering from external or internal corrosion
- CompoSol Pipeline
- CompoSol Pipework
Repair worn and holed structural members
- CompoSol Structure
Encapsulated redundant and corroded off-takes
- CompoSol Encap
Restore structural integrity of caisson and other large diameter pipes
- CompoSol Caisson

♦ Cost effective
♦ Meets all relevant International Engineering Standards
♦ Can be applied under cold permit to work procedures
♦ Minimizes added weight
♦ Carbon footprint less than 40% of steel placement
♦ Minimal operational downtime
♦ No shut-down necessary
♦ Easy to apply, no special equipment required

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