Thermal Spray (commonly called Metallizing) is a process whereby a powdered or wire form of metal is melted by an energy source and propelled onto the metal surface for the purpose of corrosion control, wear resistance, or traction. Range of coating materials including Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA), Thermal Sprayed Zinc (TSZ), Copper Nickel (CuNi) and etc.

Thermal sprayed coatings are an extremely durable system, providing better corrosion protection and life improvements in comparison to conventional coatings systems which significantly decrease the maintenance costs in the long run.

The two most common and efficient methods of applying thermal sprayed coatings are Twin Wire Arc systems and Combustion Wire Fed (flame spray) systems. It is well suited for a variety of demanding marine, subsea, atmospheric and high temperature applications.

InnoCorr’s Project Team has more than 15 years of experience in providing thermal sprayed coatings engineering consultancy and project management ensuring schedule and cost effective execution of projects.

Key Properties
♦ Minimum maintenance cost
♦ Excellent service life
♦ Superior adhesion quality
♦ Resistant to mechanical damage
♦ No drying or curing time enabled immediate handling
♦ Wide range of operating temperatures: -45°C to 538°C

Typical Applications
♦ Subsea pipelines
♦ Splash zone steelworks
♦ Marine pilings
♦ Flare stacks
♦ Process vessels
♦ Storage tanks
♦ Piping under thermal insulation


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